About Us

Information Technology (IT) in the Caribbean is growing rapidly. As Caribbean businesses and organisations grow, they require more powerful, more robust, and more complex IT networks.

Right now, right here in the Caribbean region, close to 12 million people have Internet access. This translates into roughly 28% of the region. At least 6 million of these use Facebook and other popular social media sites, email networks and internet search engines. With this level of usage, we are sophisticated with our levels of mobile penetration, and we embrace innovation and technology on the whole.

The unfortunate reality, however, is that as technologically savvy as we may be considered, we still depend on ‘first-world countries’ to create, innovate and integrate essential technologies.

At Interxect Services, we’re changing both this reality and the perception of the region’s ability to capitalise on technological innovation.

Formed to cater to the IT Consultancy needs of Caribbean businesses and organisations, Interxect combines first-world experience and skill with knowledge and familiarity of the Caribbean people and culture to offer solutions well suited to the organisations based here.

As your business grows, it’s only natural to require greater, more robust and more complex IT services. We understand your forte and focus is not in the selection, design and implementation of these services. Now, however, you no longer need to seek assistance outside of the Caribbean as your IT needs evolve.

Interxect Services Limited offers you a wealth of experience and skills to help your organisation achieve critical objectives. These achievements translate into direct benefits for your customers and help improve the quality of life within the Caribbean.


Mission Statement

To help Caribbean businesses use Information Technology to achieve their goals and consistently serve their customers effectively, efficiently and profitably through quality advice, innovative solutions and engaging services.


Vision Statement

A successful, sustainable and profitable Caribbean business landscape, leading to an improved quality of life that continuously encourages the integration of ideas and innovation of the Caribbean people.