Our Services

Interxect Services provides IT consultancy services that are customised and tailored to your specific needs. With our experience and general expertise, we develop solutions by looking at your entire business.We see IT as the platform on which you run your business, not as a separate entity. We utilise best practices as a guideline in the formation of a solution to match the context of your business. We then add new and emerging research in the mix to give you unique results. Because of this, we offer solutions relevant to your organisation.

Together, we can:

  • Identify ways and strategies for IT to assist your organisation in meeting and exceeding business goals.
  • Use IT to help your organisation provide innovative services to customers, both externally and internally.
  • Show the real value of IT within your organisation and allow IT to become an enabler of business strategy.
  • Optimise the performance of your IT Services to improve productivity and maximise ROI.
  • Secure your IT infrastructure to help keep your data safe from existing dangers.
  • Improve your IT operations to ensure effective delivery of services.
  • Manage technology changes within your environment so that they are adopted by everyone quickly and effectively to bring you maximum returns.

What We Do?

IT has the power to transform businesses into powerhouses by making them more agile, adaptable to changes, productive and innovative. However, IT is often treated as a cost centre, rather than a strategic enabler. Together, we can achieve higher productivity, improved efficiency and improved returns by using IT as a catalyst.

Let us extract the most value out of your IT Services by:

  • Consulting with leadership of your organisation on how we can better place IT in a strategic position.
  • Mapping the current IT processes and recommending improvements.
  • Determining the main strengths of the IT operations and using them to develop the best IT processes for use within your organisation to fill gaps left by weaknesses.
  • Working to obtain maximum results from your current IT services or finding new solutions to address current, new or evolving challenges.
  • Finding technology solutions to help grow your business and maximise profits.
  • Locating gaps that exist in your IT security infrastructure and finding solutions to address them.
  • Managing the change process so new technology is adopted by all workers to foster maximum productivity gains.
  • Working with IT staff to develop the necessary skills to improve productivity and value to the business.
  • Working with business units to determine what is needed from IT and developing strategies to make it happen.
  • Ensuring meaningful IT measurements relevant to the business are reported to upper management to show the real value IT is providing.

How Are We Different

We don’t just work for you. We work with you. We trust that this collaborative approach ensures our solutions closely match your needs.

Overall, the goal is for you to benefit in both the short and long terms by:

  • Creating solutions that are unique to your business
  • More interested and committed employees within technology projects
  • Developing your own people to allow for effective delivery of support and provide valuable experience for use on other projects
  • Facilitating free and open communication to improve the success rates of technology projects

Give us a call to get started on improving and growing your business.